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Presented at the 11th Annual Case Management Week Celebration 

October 11, 2017

CMSA Sacramento Chapter officers and board of directors would like to take this opportunity to welcome each of you that represents our health care community to the Case Management Celebration Dinner and Resource Expo.

It is absolutely wonderful to be returning back here to the Rancho Marriott location. The Marriott has always given us their very best.  From the chef and the wonderful meal prepared for you this evening, the décor and atmosphere, and audio/visual support the service and commitment to our chapter and to you, our guests has been unwavering.

This event although it is the 11th year and you may be saying, they do it every year, it’s a piece of cake, it is not as easy as it looks. There is so much that goes into preparing for this event.  There is the pride and determination that we share in to provide everyone here with a real positive experience.  It takes hours and hours of research selecting a speaker, meal planning, color palate selection, in person and telephonic meetings and let’s not forget emails upon emails.

This event would not be possible without the support, commitment and contribution of “our vendors” who provide us with the case management tools for our toolbox.  The resources shared today go without saying are necessary for every case manager to do his/her job and do that job well.  So, we ask that each person take the time to visit our vendors in the Expo Hall. They are here to support you.

Speak with someone that you have not met before as the event supports “networking” power.

I do not want to forget to thank Rancho Cordova City Hall who has been a wonderful support, and an excellent location throughout the years.  We cannot forget the catering service of Howe It’s Done, Catering with Simple Elegance, Owner Gloria Howe Nycum & Kerry Shaw, and of course our themed meals with decorations by our own Claudia Bray.

Finally, I want to take this time to thank the board members that gave of their time and worked hard to see the 2017 year end with this fantastic event.

During 2017 we have added our CMSA Chapter onto Facebook – We ask that you please utilize the Facebook site to keep us informed and a way to share lots of information.  Technology is requiring that we change how we reach out to you and conduct business. Stay tuned, more to come on that front.

Our guest speaker this evening: Dr. Glen Xiong who will be discussing telemedicine and the role/effect in the Behavioral Health arena.

As we move towards the 2018 year we are looking to continue to bring new enhancements/excitement to our chapter.  Beginning January 2018 we will be hosting events during January, March, May and October.  Additionally, we will also start to provide rotating meetings in various new locations.  It is our goal and commitment to reach more Case Managers and other allied health professionals by providing greater opportunities for participation and learning. This effort is being supported by Assisted Living and Memory Care of Oakmont. We are very excited about this collaboration.

That said…………..We have already begun to start working on our 2018 year and our first meeting:

 Save the Date: January 17, 2018 our presenter will be Dr. Neil Parikh, MSJMC Physician Advisor, Hospital Administration Dignity Health.

Our National CMSA Annual Conference June 2018 will be held in Chicago and CMSA is thrilled to announce our opening keynote is Travis Stork, M.D.  Dr. Stork is an Emmy-nominated host of the award-winning talk show The Doctors, and a board-certified emergency medicine physician.

From the executive board and the board of directors none of this would be happening this evening without the support of our vendors, the Marriott Hotel or each of you.  To all, your support and commitment to the Sacramento Chapter of CMSA has been constant and we thank you all.

We are looking forward to growing our membership and in growing our membership this includes adding to our Board of Directors.  I encourage you to consider joining our chapter and growing professionally through Board participation.

Thank you to all of the patients and families that you as Case Managers have helped each and every day.

Have a splendid, exciting, and fun filled evening. This event is in celebrating “YOU”.


Nannette Green, RN, MHA, CCM

President, Sacramento Chapter of CMSA




   Multi-State Nursing Licensure

With the development of managed care, tele-health and mobile populations, nurses are frequently required to work with patients who travel or reside across multiple state lines. Unlike driver’s licenses, many state nursing licenses are not recognized by other states.

Twenty state boards of nursing have joined together to form a Nurse Compact in which participating states mutually recognize nurse licenses from other Compact states.

To learn more about Multi-State Nursing Licensure, watch the presentation by Claudia Bray and Marilyn Edwards presented to the national conference of CSAOHN (California State Association of Occupational Health Nurses) in November 2015. (click here)


Other Educational Programs

  MSN Case Management Program, Samuel Merritt University.  Complete your degree in under 2 years.  More information...