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Speaker: Joseph de Veyra

Sacramento Care Coordination - Collaborative Progress and Future






   Multi-State Nursing Licensure

With the development of managed care, tele-health and mobile populations, nurses are frequently required to work with patients who travel or reside across multiple state lines. Unlike driver’s licenses, many state nursing licenses are not recognized by other states.

Twenty state boards of nursing have joined together to form a Nurse Compact in which participating states mutually recognize nurse licenses from other Compact states.

To learn more about Multi-State Nursing Licensure, watch the presentation by Claudia Bray and Marilyn Edwards presented to the national conference of CSAOHN (California State Association of Occupational Health Nurses) in November 2015. (click here)


Other Educational Programs

  MSN Case Management Program, Samuel Merritt University.  Complete your degree in under 2 years.  More information...


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